The Man Manual: 120, 000BC to Present Day, All Models, Shapes, Sizes and Colours - The Step-by-step Guide to Men's Health

Man Mk 1 has been around a very long time, the basic model having remained unchanged for a lot longer that the original Model T Ford. Engine, chassis and bodywork spec are not a great deal different from that seen in the super cool showrooms of the last Ice Age. With a little care, this high performance machine will last a long lifetime with minimal need for maintenance or spare parts. However, like any piece of high technology, a basic understanding of what goes on beneath the bonnet will greatly aid longevity. Men tend to view their bodies in a mechanistic way, which is fine, as long as the working tolerances of their particular model are not exceeded and regular maintenance takes place. Designed to help men look after themselves, this text takes a general look at men's health.