The Lonely Grey Dog at No. 6

There is a lot going on at Canterbury Place. Everyone is really busy as they prepare for the summer holidays. The MacDonald family have been invited to a wedding and Tammy has a special role to play in that.However, Tammy keeps going into bad moods and something keeps knocking over the wheelie-bins.Find out how Jake gets to the bottom of several mysteries and how Tammy and Jake learn about the love and loyalty God wants us to show in all our relationships - particularly our relationship with him.CANTERBURY PLACE is the fictional setting for a series of books exploring deep issues.The Big Green Tree deals with life and death.The Dark Blue Bike deals with friendship and bullying.The Deep Black Pond deals with health and sickness.Jake & Tammy live in Canterbury Place. Together with their friends, family and neighbours they have lots to learn about life and the world they live in.These moving, thoughtful and delightful series of books are written to both entertain and educate.