The Lakota Sioux

The history of the Lakota people-one of the best-known Native peoples in America-is often understood solely through conflict. Legendary figures such as Sitting Bull and Crazy Horse, as well as the clashes with the United States at Little Big Horn and Wounded Knee, have defined the Lakota Sioux for many. However, The Lakota Sioux presents a broader history, including the Lakota's evolving relationships with other Indian groups, Europeans, and Americans and their critical role in the 19th-century fur trade. This informative book documents the Lakota Sioux's ongoing struggle to remain a distinct people and culture in a rapidly changing world-to at once be part of and yet remain separate from the United States and mainstream American society. Readers will learn about this people's history, its storied clashes with American military forces, and its place in today's society.