The Index of Middle English Prose: Handlist 16: Laudian Collection, Bodleian Library

Archbishop Laud was Chancellor of the University of Oxford from 1629-1641, during that period he donated over twelve thousand manuscripts to the Bodleian Library. Only a small minority of these contain Middle English prose, but they cover a wide spectrum. Religious works include eight copies of the Wycliffite New Testament, one unrecorded by printed authorities, Wycliffite sermons, writings by Rolle and Hilton, Wimbledon and Lavynham, a unique collection of Kentish dialect sermons, Disce Mori , and copies of many other popular anonymous treatises, some previously unnoted. Among the secular works are The Brut , The Canterbury Tales , Mandeville's Travels , De Re Militari , The Pilgrimage of the Life of the Manhood , writings by Fortescue, one unique, a heraldic treatise and two extensive compilations of medical texts. S. J. Ogilvie-Thomson was formerly lecturer in language and medieval literature at St Edmund Hall, Oxford.