The Illustrated History of Oxford University

This richly illustrated book traces the story of Oxford University from its origins in the Middle Ages to the present day. Written by a team of scholars, all authorities in their fields, it spans 800 years of learning and incident to give a uniquely authoritative history of the University for the general reader. Since the Middle Ages, Oxford University's part in learning has always been significant and colourful. Many future leaders of the nation have been educated there. The architecture of the University and colleges has become one of the glories of Europe, and its libraries and museums house a number of major collections. But most importantly, a university must be judged by its attachment to scholarship - a theme which runs throughout this book. Students have been drawn to Oxford from all over the world, and today the University is internationally recognized for its contribution to research, both in the sciences and in the liberal arts. Authoritative, scholarly, and informative, this book captures the richness and diversity of Oxford University, and its contribution to the nation and to the world. In addition to over 200 illustrations, including 24 full-colour plates, specifically chosen to complement the wide-ranging text, there are also 5 maps, a chronology, annotated guides to further reading, and a full index.