The Identity and the Life of the Church: John Calvin's Ecclesiology in the Perspective of his Anthropology

'The Identity and the Life of the Church' is a study of John Calvin's ecclesiology that argues that Calvin's idea of the twofold identity of the Church - its spiritual identity as the body of Christ and its functional identity as the mother of all believers - is closely related to his understanding of Christian identity and life, which are initiated and maintained by the grace of the triune God. The anthropological basis of Calvin's idea of the Church has not been examined fully, even though Calvin presents the important concepts of his ecclesiology in the light of his anthropological ideas. Yosep Kim provides an overall evaluation of Calvin's ecclesiology, arguing that it is ultimately Calvin's pastoral concern for the Christian and the Church under affliction that governs his theological understanding of the Church and shapes his proposals for establishing and sustaining the life of the Church in the world.