The Human Complement System in Health and Disease

This authoritative, single-source reference provides comprehensive examinations of the complement system-offering recent findings in basic science on the structure, biology, physiology, and pathophysiology of complement proteins and the latest therapeutic approaches towards the control of complement-mediated diseases. Written by over 40 international experts from North America, Europe, and Asia, The Human Complement System in Health and Disease * describes the molecular architecture of the complement system * details the structure of complement genes * discusses gene organization as well as the topology and chemistry of ligand-binding sites and catalytic centers of complement proteins * analyzes complement organization and activation, including phylogeny and the newly discovered lectin pathway * elucidates the regulation of complement gene expression and the structure and function of bioactive peptides * explicates opsonic and immunoregulatory properties of complement fragments, endothelial responses, and interactions with viruses and bacteria * and more!