The Hook Up Handbook: The Single Girl's Guide to Living It Up

Let's face it - dating has changed. Rare is the romantic and handsome lover waiting to whisk you away for a lifetime of smug coupledom. More likely is that guy you get down with every now and then. It's not a one-night stand and it's not dating - it's a hookup. THE HOOKUP HANDBOOK includes essential tips: how to recognise the players (Mr December, the older man; Oops I Did it Again, the ex-boyfriend); how to deal with the next morning ( The Walk of Shame Rears its Uncombed Head); hookup lingo (Beer Google - drunkenly typing his name into every Web search engine). Quizzes: Is he crazy in love or just crazy as hell? Is he hetero, metro, or gay? And advice: 3 Hookups Do Not a Boyfriend Make; When Some Stupid Boy Leaves You Remember That One Day He'll Be Sporting a Comb-over and Nose Hair. There is a chapter on 'Where the Boys Are' - likely hangouts to find hookups - such as invite-only functions (pickup line 'Are you friends with the bride or groom?'); first year at college ('What floor do you live on?'); destination getaways ('I can show you the stuff they don't print in brochures'). Also great tips on how to ready your flat for a hookup - what to stash away (facial hair bleach, granny panties) and what to proudly display (Sopranos DVDs, a pair of stilettos). Part satire and part field guide, THE HOOKUP HANDBOOK gives readers the lowdown on getting down.