The Heritage of the Conquistadors: Ruling Classes in Central America from Conquest to the Sandinistas

'An important contribution by a major intellect. It will certainly enrich discussions in the country about Central American social and political reality' - Social Science Quarterly . 'Anyone interested in Central America, and especially what Central Americans think about their own societies, will profit from reading this work. The use of folktales and national literatures is quite effective. The wide-ranging discussion touches on just about any contemporary topic of interest...many keen insights [are] provided into isthmian character and modern dilemmas' - The Americas .'As [Stone] follows the parade of generations of leaders in all aspects of the societies from Guatemala to Costa Rica, over the four-plus centuries of Spanish-American hegemony in the area, he provides the reader with a good grasp of the differences among the five countries' - Virginia Quarterly Review . In The Heritage of the Conquistadors , Samuel Z. Stone demonstrates that the ruling families of Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador are rooted in a common ancestry. This crossbreeding, so to speak, often confuses the outside world's un-derstanding of such developments as the Salvadoran insurgency, the fall of Somoza, and the rise of the Sandinistas. Samuel Z. Stone, a citizen of Costa Rica, is the author of the prize-winning La Dinastia de los conquistadores: La Crisis del Poder en la Costa Rica Contemporanea (1975) and other works.