The Handbook of Latin American Trade in Manufactures

This major Handbook offers a comprehensive analysis of the key issues surrounding the rapid expansion of Latin America's manufacturing sector. It systematically examines the most important factors influencing the comparative advantages and the globalization of manufacturing industries in the region. The Handbook of Latin American Trade in Manufactures provides a detailed account of trade and investment policies, international technology transfers, macroeconomic stabilization and structural adjustment policies and industry-specific initiatives affecting the export competitiveness of Latin America's manufactures. The four major parts of the Handbook contain detailed assessments of regional and country-specific developments in manufacturing trade, and the statistical appendix provides essential information on the countries of the region. This Handbook will be welcomed by a wide range of economists in the fields of international trade and investment, industrial organization, development economics and Latin American Trade. It will also be of interest to business analysts and policymakers concerned with the formation of trade strategies.