French Quarter Drinking Companion

Part travelogue, part guidebook, and part expose, this hip and informative guide will introduce every watering hole of note in the French Quarter. From the seersucker-friendly Carousel Bar at the Hotel Monteleone to the sordid hangouts along the back streets of the Quarter to the iconic and down-to-earth Lafittes Blacksmith Shop, the authors visit them all, providing a bar-side review of the music, drinks, patrons, and decor. Each entry in this eclectic collection provides a profile that includes such extremely relevant topics as what ink youll see, what youll hear, who your drinking buddies are likely to be, what you shouldor shouldntwear, what your tab will look like, what the best feature is, and, of course, what you should sip! The authors have spent a great deal of time on research, and their insights will make a visit to the French Quarter one to be remembered.