The Eleven Commandments of Good Teaching

A book about the fearless joy, the common sense, and the B.S. detector necessary for good teaching. Brava!'-Michelle Broussard, Assistant Professor McNeese State University 'This book is a winner for anyone who loves teaching and who cares about helping students reach beyond expectations'-Gayla LeMay, Teacher Louise Radloff Middle School, Snellville, GA Vickie Gill's time-tested wisdom and practical advice provides the insight teachers need to develop a dynamic, successful classroom. This third edition of her bestseller contains new material that helps teachers work with new technologies, evolving social climates, limited budgets, and standardized testing. Drawing on lessons learned from 21 joyous years of teaching, Gill illustrates each commandment with authentic classroom stories and concrete guidance for staying enthusiastic and committed to excellence. The suggestions show how to: - Ask for support from your principal or staff - Reach difficult-to-teach students - Choose your battles carefully - Maintain an open mind and a flexible attitude - Focus on why you became a teacher in the first place - Rediscover your profound joy for teaching, students, and what Gill calls the greatest of all professions.