The Economics of Integrity: From Dairy Farmers to Toyota, How Wealth Is Built on Trust and What That Means for Our Future

Through her colourful - and often surprising - stories (examples range from pouring milk on your corn flakes to international gold trading) the acclaimed journalist takes us on a journey that reveals the deep layers of trust involved in even the simplest of transactions and how our stock in integrity is our most valuable economic asset. A big idea book with the entertainment value of Predictably Irrational, it also sheds light on our current economic crisis and the inner workings of global financial markets. Beginning with things we take for granted in our daily lives - milk, money, and markets - this book shows how much we depend on and benefit from integrity. Through the eyes of Toyota, the number one carmaker in the world, we learn how integrity is an investment with a financial payoff and through the experience of successful start ups like eBay and Amazon we can understand how integrity is built up over time. Not only does this book reveal how integrity is an important source of our prosperity, but it also lays out a system for how to generate more integrity and more wealth. Bernasek explains the DNA of integrity and reveals the key building blocks of disclosure, norms, and accountability. This book isn't just an interesting read about the way global markets really work. It also delivers clear and practical steps to building a stronger economy based upon trust that will benefit everyone. The Economics of Integrity offers a bold new way to look at our economy; this is a book for our times.