The Corporate Creative: Tips and Tactics for Thriving as an In-House Designer

What Is a Corporate Creative? There is no unique branch of design known as in-house design, nor skills possessed solely by in-house designers. The corporate creative is a designer who simply works in an in-house environment. While there are benefits to working in a corporate environment (access to more resources, greater security, better benefits, more regular hours and camaraderie), in-house designers also have to deal with many frustrating and demoralizing challenges. This book focuses on key strategies and tactics to help you establish yourself and your team as powerful players in your company. Experienced in-house designer Andy Epstein shows you how to: * Communicate clearly and effectively * Hire and train a winning team * Work with other departments within the company * Maximize efficiency within your group * Cut through the red tape to create great design Surviving--and more importantly, succeeding--as a creative in the corporate environment requires you to be a project manager as well as a designer, a businessperson as well as a creative. The Corporate Creative provides all the tools you need to achieve success.