The Computer Triangle: Hardware, Software and People

A New Angle on Introductory Computing! The eternal triangle for the 90s hardware, software, and people. Sometimes these three truly work in harmony to advance society and enhance our world. At other times. they are locked in conflict, and our systems seem out of joint. This dichotomy that the societal implications of the computer are both positive and negative forms the heart of Robert Oakman's unique introduction to computers. From the very start, he grabs our attention, and forces us to think about the roles, both good and bad, computers play in our daily lives and how we can take advantage of the good and avoid the bad. Completely Updated, Including fully Integrated Coverage of the World Wide Web Oakman fully integrates coverage of the Internet and the World Wide Web throughout this edition with hands-on examples and exercises. The completely updated coverage includes distance learning using the Internet and WWW, telemedicine, on-line medical support groups, cyberspace journalism, and commerce. Other updated coverage includes object-oriented programming with C++, and more. A new interactive CD-ROM and Web site for both instructors and students is available. They include a set of multimedia slides for each chapter with annotated notes, illustrations, and photographs from the text; many links to Web sites that illustrate and reinforce concepts covered in the text; and exercises to help students explore and appreciate the Internet. Plus Oakman Includes Special Features to Make the Material Clear and AccessibleOakman integrates 3 major themes throughout Social Relevance. The Internet, and History and highlights each with an icon.Three types of perspective boxes evolutionary, societal and technological provide a more detailed look into these areas.Experiential exercises and critical thinking questions provide a forum to expand text issues and encourage students to investigate personally the computing environment on their campus.Check out the Computer Triangle Online: http://www