Coming Industry of Teletranslation

Paperback / softback
The role of translation is undergoing a major change as the internet has become a dominant medium through which international communication takes place. Organizations and individuals realize that having a presence on the internet exposes them to a global audience and that communication across language barriers is a necessary condition for globalization. In this climate, the traditional approach to language support as an afterthought is becoming detrimental to successful global communication. Furthermore, emerging modes of communication are demanding new services, including interpreting, to process the increasingly dominant digital content - be it webpages, text messages on mobile phones or voice-based chat sessions. This book explores the development of new language support called teletranslation and teleinterpretation by examining the new contexts of global communication, the new literacy, the new requirements for the teletranslator and the teleinterpreter, and the kind of tools and training that can facilitate their work. The authors analyze the relationship between the key parties involved in the communication process mediated by translation and interpretation based on a new framework: Translation-mediated Communication (TMC). TMC further highlights the role of technology both as a vehicle of communication and as a support to the translation and interpretation process. The authors argue that TMC becomes a key consideration for communicating globally on the internet.