The Cold War: The Essential Readings

This collection brings together the most influential and commonly-studied articles on the Cold War. The editors draw on the wealth of international and multinational research on the subject to select contributions covering the origins, evolution and termination of the Cold War from 1945 to 1990. They focus particularly on the United States, former Soviet Union, Britain, Germany and France, but also look at the role of the Cold War in other parts of the world. A substantial introduction to the volume outlines current debates and issues in Cold War studies. The text comprises four parts - Cold War Origins, First Attempts at Conflict Management, War and Detente, and The End of the Cold War - over eight chapters. Each part is prefaced with a concise headnote, setting the chapters in their historiographical context. This combination of articles and editorial material provides students with easy access to seminal work and an analytical framework with which to approach their studies.