The Cardio-Free Diet

Do you feel like you're constantly on the treadmill, and nothing ever comes of it? Not only does cardio not work, cardio kills - it kills your time, your energy, your joints, and even your ability to lose weight. Repeatedly pounding your body with cardio destroys your lower back, feet, and posture. Cardio burns calories, but not nearly as many as we think, and only while we are actually on the treadmill. We burn a few calories, then eat twice as many as we worked off. The more cardio we do, the hungrier we get. What if there was a way to burn calories all day long, even while you sleep, without increasing hunger? Jim lays out an exercise routine day-by-day and a diet meal by meal. There are no overwhelming choices to fret over, Jim will tell you exactly what to do for maximum results in minimal time. It sounds insane, but it is true: you will never have to do cardio again.