The Bulletin of the Australian Centre for Egyptology, Volume 18 (2007)

Contents: Editorial Foreword; Tomb of the Late Old Kingdom west of the White Monastery (Sohag) (Magdy el Badry); Brief Report on the 2007 Excavations at Ismant el-Kharab (Gillian E. Bowen, Wendy Dolling, Colin A. Hope and Paul Kucera); A Late Middle Kingdom Parallel for the incipit of Book of the Dead Chapter 22 (Jacobus van Dijk); The Curious Case of the Mummified Pigeon (Linda Evans); Pre-Amarna Tomb Chapels in the Teti Cemetery North at Saqqara (Beatrix Gessler-Loehr); Controlling Human Suffering: Terminology of Divine Mercy in Ancient Egypt and in Ancient Israel (Eve Guerry); Fishing, Fowling and Animal-Handling in the Tomb of Djefaihapi I at Asyut (Mahmoud el-Khadragy); Dancing on a Time Line: Visually Communicating the Passage of Time in Ancient Egyptian Wall Art (Lesley Kinney).