The Biographical Encyclopedia of Hollywood

Now what was the name of that film again? The one that Jack Nicholson was in the Sixties, you know... How many times a month does this dilemma strike? American Film Actors are a large part of all our daily lives, if only we could remember the names of the films they appeared in. Now you have all the information you could ever need, as well as crave, at your fingertips in the new Biographical Encyclopedia of Hollywood.Expert film and theatre historian Barry Monush (of Screen World fame) has produced the work of a lifetime -- a complete listing of every actor who has appeared in American film from the dawn of the two-reeler. But Monush does more than list the vital statistics (American films, New York stage appearances, key television work, birth date, real name, educational background, years of release), he provides a highly amusing and well-researched account of each and every thespian.From Bud Abbott to Pia Zadora, Monush gives each performer his or her due, along with the occasional left jab. In most cases Monush reveals more than the particular actor ever revealed on camera. But there is also plenty of praise, and rare facts and figures, for the great artists. The neglected are finally given their due praise, the overblown finally their comeuppance. Overall, it is the most authoritative, complete and revealing resource volume on the American actor ever compiled. The Biographical Encyclopedia of Hollywood is as indispensable as it is enjoyable. Anyone who has ever loved movies, and especially loved to talk about them, must own this book.