The Best of Corwin: Educational Technology for School Leaders

Paperback / softback
The 21st century is hereuare you ready?The Best of Corwin series showcases key chapters from critically acclaimed Corwin publications for a powerful compilation of perspectives on important education issues and topics. This collection offers some of the most important chapters from CorwinAEs leadership and educational technology books and focuses on 21st century challenges, technology and learning, and cyber safety. Best-selling author Lynne SchrumAEs edited volume explores the following topics and more:Ways to create the new educational environment todayAEs learners needHow to lead change in schools Curriculum, instruction, and assessment in the 21st centuryMethods for creating a safe environment, including preventing cyberbullyingAssessing 21st century learning: how schools can examine progress and growthThis volume offers numerous tips, strategies, tools, and samples, including a sample Internet use contract and a sample acceptable use policy. If educators are well informed on the breadth and depth of 21st century skills and ways to approach them, they can prepare students today for life, postsecondary education, and careers.