The Thinking North America: Thinking North America

Series: NONE
2004 marked the fifteenth anniversary of the Canada-US Free Trade Agreement and the tenth anniversary of NAFTA. While North American trading relationships should have deepened during this time, 9/11 led to the issue of homeland security, which complicated the already full free trade agenda. The second Art of the State conference of the Institute for Research and Public Policy convened in 2003 around the theme Thinking North America: Prospects and Pathways, producing essays and commentaries on North American integration, developing a roadmap for a North American treaty, environmental management, and the possibilities and limits to North American citizenship. The results of these discussions are provided in this boxed set of eight folios. Contributors include Alan Alexandroff (University of Toronto), Gerald Boychuk (University of Waterloo), Armand de Mestral (McGill University), Earl Fry (Brigham Young University), Michael Hart (Carleton University), Peter Leslie (Queen's University), John N. McDougall (University of Western Ontario), Sylvia Ostry (University of Toronto), Maryse Robert (Organization of American States), Jeffrey Schott (Institute for International Economics), Debra Steger (University of Ottawa), Isabel Studer (Facultad Latinoamericana de Ciencias Sociales, Mexico), Debora L. VanNijnatten (Wilfrid Laurier University), Scott Vaughan (Carnegie Endowment's Trade, Equity, and Development Project), Jennifer Welsh (Oxford), Jan Winter (Free University, Amsterdam), Robert Wolfe (Queen's University), and Jaime Zabludovsky (former Mexican Ambassador to the European Union).