The 6 Week Herbal Detox Plan: How to Boost Your Immunity and Achieve Total Health

In The 6 Week Herbal Detox Plan respected herbalist Peter Conway shows you how to introduce herbs into your daily life to enhance the key systems of your body and achieve total health and well-being. The book provides an effective and easy-to-follow herbal detox, and takes you step-by-step through each of your vital systems from the digestive system to the immune system, cardiovascular system to your emotions. Peter Conway explains which herbs to take, recommends doses, and gives you treatment guidelines for common problems. He also details which herbs can improve your stamina and endurance and the herbs that can help prevent ageing and reduce the risk of cancer. Provides an easy-to-follow herbal detox. Explains which herbs will help you overcome common digestive problems such as IBS. Shows how herbs can reduce high blood pressure and high cholesterol. Details the herbs that will boost your immune system. Shows which herbs keep your lungs free from congestion and working efficiently. Explains how herbs help to maintain pain-free joints and strong muscles. Reveals the herbs that can soothe stress and maintain emotional balance. Shows how herbs such as ginkgo can improve concentration and memory.