Technological Collaboration: The Dynamics of Cooperation in Industrial Innovation

This major new book provides a comprehensive, multidisciplinary analysis of the nature and significance of collaboration between firms and other actors involved in industrial innovation. The motivations and mechanisms for technological collaboration, the fields in which it is likely to occur, and the consequences of collaboration for the parties involved and the economy as a whole are all addressed by a distinguished group of scholars drawn from economics, sociology, management theory and political economy. Areas and issues covered include growth theory and the theory of the firm, managerial objectives across different cultures, interfirm technological linkages, networks and innovation, strategic collaboration, collaborative agreements, state intervention, strategic alliances and informal networks. Technological Collaboration emphasizes the importance of interfirm collaboration and the establishment of networks in innovation and economic growth. The issues and themes raised in this volume will be of interest to scholars from a variety of different perspectives, interested in technical change, innovation and industrial organization.