Teaching With Visual Frameworks: Focused Learning and Achievement Through Instructional Graphics Co-Created by Students and Teachers

`Teaching with Visual Frameworks provides case studies that demonstrate how one teacher in one classroom can make a difference by using Visual Frameworks (graphic displays) that allow teachers and students to get the results they want from the work they do' - Jessie Kalinowski, National Board Certified Teacher' Golden Apple Fellow Educator in Residence/Illinois State Board of Education Visual representations of course content are essential tools in today's classrooms. They can offset the challenges associated with teaching diverse student populations while simultaneously bringing instructional techniques into greater harmony with the growing influence of technology and the visual media on the way students process information. This groundbreaking volume provides a complete guide to visual instruction and assessment using the Unit Visual Framework (UVF). Combining pictures, colour, and text for meaningful representation of the core concepts in a unit of study, UVFs result in a deepened understanding by all students-regardless of language level. Key highlights of this indispensable manual include: - Specific steps and suggestions for designing effective UVFs - Real-life examples from classrooms successfully using these visual displays - Tips for utilizing UVFs in standards-led instruction and student-directed learning - More than 100 sample graphics and UVFs.