Appropriate for ESL/EFL courses as well as teacher education courses for secondary and post secondary with a focus on using the Internet for language and learning. This text helps future teachers use the Internet effectively and creatively in their English as a Second Language (ESL)/English as a Foreign Language (EFL) classrooms. Designed by scholars and teachers of second language acquisition and educational technology, this teacher-friendly text will equip its reader with the necessary pedagogical principles for using technology in his or her classrooms. Also provided are field-tested sample lessons the reader can immediately implement or use as a practical guide and framework to create his or her own lessons. The chapters are clearly written and the lessons are flexible and easy to modify to other levels and topics. The varied activities capitalize on the authentic and constantly updated nature of the Internet, which enables students to learn in meaningful, relevant, and practical situational contexts. Each chapter offers the teacher sound pedagogical foundations and advice, as well as easy-to-read tips. This guide is recommended as a one-stop resource for ESL/EFL teachers, as well as for teaching graduate students how to use the Internet in their ESL/EFL courses.