Talk Like an Ancient Egyptian

A riotous series perfect for fans of Louise Rennison Ages:11+ Puts the cool into Historicool! thirteen-year-old exchange student Jenna thought that her New York school trip would be all about vintage shopping, celeb spotting and spa treatments. But her musty old teacher has other ideas. When a trip to Dullsville (aka the Metropolitan Museum) finds Jenna stuck 3500 years in the past - like in Ancient Egypt - she has to figure out a way to get back to civilization. Armed only with a smartphone, her big mouth and a second-hand pair of Marc Jacobs sandals, it's going to take a lot of fast-talking to avoid: 1.marriage to a sleazy Pharoah; 2.eternal enslavement, and the worst; without the internet. Feisty, fresh and very funny, talk Like an Ancient Egyptian is simply hieroglyphic! Praise for talk Like An Ancient Egyptian: 'Small Bird, Angry Frog, Snake, Snake, Big Eye, Startled Cat!!!' Queen Nefertiti