Take Me Tonight

Series: The Bullet Catchers (3)
When NBA cheerleader Melissa Kingston turns up dead in an apparent suicide, it's up to her hot-headed investigative reporter roommate, Sage Valentine, to find out the truth. Sage doesn't believe for a second that her bubbly, high-energy roommate would take her own life, and her investigation takes an interesting turn when she learns that Melissa had set up a date with a company called 'Take Me Tonight,'an online service that specializes in fulfilling women's fantasies of being kidnapped and then freed by a sexy rescuer. Certain that the web company has something to do with Melissa's death, Sage decides to arrange for a kidnap-and-rescue fantasy of her own. Sage's fearless pursuit of the truth causes her aunt, Lucy Sharpe head of the crack Bullet Catchers security agency, to dispatch one it's bodyguards, Johnny Christiano, to interrupt her niece's date with a kidnapper. Posing as a 'Take Me Tonight'rescuer, Johnny plays his tight-lipped role to the hilt, ending their date with a night of passionate sex. But Sage won't back down from her investigation, and as she gets closer to uncovering the truth, her protector must decide where his loyalties lie: to the job or to the passionate woman he finds impossible to resist?