Take Care of Yourself: The Complete Illustrated Guide to Medical Self-care

Take Care of Yourself is the worlds bestselling health guide, and the only one that has been found to held reduce visits to the doctor.. } Take Care of Yourself is easy to use, even in a crisis. Simply look up a symptom in one of the chapters listed at the left. Youll find a complete explanation of likely causes and how you might relieve that problem at home. Diagrams will help you recognize problems and, in many cases, treat them quickly and easily. Easy-to-follow decision charts tell you exactly when to see a doctor.This book also covers emergencies, how to avoid health problems, what to keep in a home pharmacy, and how to work best with your doctor. Take Care of Yourself belongs in every home.Easy-to-use decision charts quickly show how to treat problems at home, and when to see a doctor. } *Home Pharmacy *Common Injuries *Ear, Nose, Throat, Eyes & Mouth *Skin Problems & Childhood Diseases *Bones, Muscles & Joints *Chest & Abdominal Symptoms *Generalized Problems *Womens Health *Sexual Problems & Questions.