Taco Bay: His Life and Work

Taco Bay was born in 1933 in Switzerland to a Dutch mother and Swiss father. As his family moved about, he went to many different schools, in five different languages. For a time he worked in Camphill, but at the age of 28 was ordained a priest of The Christian Community. He worked in Edinburgh for many years before becoming lenker (coordinator) of the Netherlands. In 1977 he moved to Stuttgart taking on many of Rudolf Frieling’s tasks as erzoberlenker, leader of the whole movement, a role he took on fully after Frieling’s death in 1986.Taco always had a world-wide perspective, and during these years The Christian Community expanded to Australasia, Japan and eastern Europe. Breaking with the practice until then, he stepped down from his office, consciously handing it over during his life. He died in 2011.This is the first biography of this influential and spiritual man.