Systems Safety for the 21st Century

This book summarizes the current state of 'front-end' risk-control techniques. Many approaches to risk control are possible. However, only through careful reading, evaluation, and study can one make the best choice of a practical philosophy for a system safety program. The goal is to apply the best scientific and engineering principles in the best way, resulting in the soundest and safest possible system. System Safety for the 21st Century provides in-depth coverage of this specialized discipline within the safety profession. Written for both technical and nontechnical reference, this clearly organized text serves as a resource for both students and practitioners. It gives basic and essential information about the identification, evaluation, analysis, and control of hazards in components, systems, subsystems, processes, and facilities. Integrating the changes to the field that have occurred since publication of the first edition, this revised and expanded resource offers: logical progression from basics to techniques to applications; new focus on process safety not found in other texts; a new and unique section on professionalism for system safety and other safety practitioners; and, presentation of both system safety scope and essentials. This book presents a consistent chapter format for easy learning that includes an introduction and summary for each chapter. It features review questions reinforcing important points. There is a combination of basis requirements with practical experience. It offers information on selected techniques to assess hazards and provide management oversight. There is an updated section on protecting against external events in the light of the global terrorist threat. This book presents critiques of existing systems, including those of the Department of Defense and the Department of Energy. Relevant to industry, academia, and government, System Safety for the 21st Century is an essential resource for anyone studying or implementing proactive hazard identification and risk control techniques and procedures.