Super Goal: Bk. 1: Student Book

The fun, visually appealing ESL/ELT series designed to motivate young adult English learners to communicate effectively! Super Goal is a four-level integrated skills series designed to emphasize the student's acquisition of vocabulary and grammar. Students and teachers will enjoy its natural, humorous content and easy-to-use, step-by-step lessons. Age-appropriate illustrations engage students' interest, promoting and reinforcing their English language acquisition. Features of this book are as follows: Unit lessons are thematic, presented in context, and follow a consistent format: Presentation (Look and Listen), Comprehension, Pair Work, Grammar, Listening/Pronunciation, Conservation, Your Turn, Reading/Writing, Project;Pair Work builds confidence and allows students to actively us language and grammar in speaking activities; Unit Grammar Charts provide students with explicit instruction on key grammar points and exercises for practice; Listening sections enable students to listen to authentic context to perform tasks and practice pronunciation of specific sounds; Multiple-ending conversation sections present functional language in context to give students ample practice in choosing or making up their own ending; Your Turn role-play activities encourage students to act out dialogues related to the conversation; and, High-interest, content-area readings - in a variety of formats - expand unit lesson themes and teach students reading strategies and skills.Other features are: Writing activities and task-based Projects call on students to use the language and vocabulary they've learned - writing sentences, paragraphs, letters, and brief reports; Full-color, 24 x 36 fold-out Posters - selected from various units in each of the student books - provide additional vocabulary, grammar, reading, writing, and conversation expansion activities; Expansion Activities follow every three units to review target language with challenging, open-ended games and activities for pair and group anticipation; and, Graphic Organizers and Learning Strategies encourage the development of high-order thinking skills.