Summer with the Leprechauns: A True Story

While on retreat in Ireland, a corporate consultant, who also leads sacred site tours, met a Leprechaun with an urgent message for humanity: "Humans are harming our own environment and theirs." With charming style and humor, Ms. Helliwell recounts the instructions from the Leprechaun on how humans can interact with elemental beings to heal the Earth, as well as revealing the fascinating relationship she developed with this delightful fellow. At first you won't believe it ... then you will!According to the Leprechaun, members of the elemental race are now seeking to link with and become co-creators with committed human beings who have (or wish to develop) both belief in the elemental kingdom and the reverent desire to assist nature in the healing of the earth. This book introduces humans to the means by which we can meet and work with elementals, individually, on an ongoing basis.Endorsements"Opening this book opens a door in the imagination. Whether you take it as fact or fiction, this book, like Mutant Message Downunder, carries a message of healing and planetary priorities." Julia Cameron, An Artist's Way and Vein of Gold"Tanis is a spiritual evocateur and deep seer who opens us up to other voices ... other realms...." Jean Houston, Search for the Beloved and A Mythic Life"This delightful book is not only great fun to read, but makes most interesting and intelligent suggestions about the reality and work of this particular branch of the nature world. It can help us open our minds to fascinating dimensions that do exist on the planet." Dorothy MacLean, co-founder of Findhorn and author, To Hear the Angels Sing"A wonderful book! I couldn't put it down. Trust Tanis to bring the elemental world to us with such care and insight. The leprechaun's message is both startling and hopeful in this timely story that is beautifully told." Raffi, children's entertainer