Studies in Indian Sociology

Mixed media product
Studies in Indian Sociology, is an invaluable collection of scholarly works. The seven volumes in this series bring together the perspectives and research of some of the best-known academics and practitioners from the discipline of Sociology. The first six volumes in the series are a collection of theme-based articles that have been published in the ISS's biannual journal Sociological Bulletin. The seventh volume, Indian Sociology over the Years, is a collection of select ISS presidential addresses, edited by Jacob John Kattakayam. The fact that some of the articles that will appear in this series are several decades old and hence have fallen out of our immediate reach increases their value immeasurably. The publication of this series is also an attempt to commemorate the contributions and contributors of ISS to both the discipline of Sociology and society. This Volumes in this set includes: Volume 1: Indian Sociology: Issues And Challenges Editor: L Thara Bhai Volume 2: Changing Caste: Ideology, Identity and Mobility Editor: Surinder S Jodhka Volume 3: Agrarian Change and Mobilisation Editor: B B Mohanty Volume 4: On The Margins: Tribes, Castes, and Other Social Categories Editor: Abhijit Dasgupta Volume 5: Themes in Sociology of Education Editor: R Indira Volume 6: Sociology of Social Movement Editor: D R Sahu Volume 7: Indian Sociology Over the Years: Selected Presidential Addresses of AISC, 1967-2010 Editor: Jacob John Kattakayam