Standing Responsibly Between Silence and Speech: Religion and Revelation in the Thought of Dietrich Bonhoeffer and Rene Girard

Recently there is increased attention to the visibility and viability of Christian churches in post-secular, pluralised societies. Theology has responsibilities in responding to this new cultural context. This study brings into contemporary conversation two Christian thinkers - Dietrich Bonhoeffer and Rene Girard - whose work has been influential in Protestant and Catholic theology and practice in recent decades.The book offers a thorough introduction to the thought of Bonhoeffer and Girard, paying attention to the historical, ecclesial and cultural contexts that informed each author's work. The insights of the two thinkers are brought into a contemporary conversation around five fundamental theological topics: the Christian understanding of the person, the distinctiveness of Christian revelation, the person and work of Jesus Christ, the nature of the church, and the relationship of church and society. This conversation highlights the significance of the intellectual and spiritual resources each author offers for Christian thought and action today.Biography and theology are deeply intertwined in the thought of Bonhoeffer and Girard. Likewise, many Christians have found in their writings a way to integrate theology and action, forming practices and communities of Christian discipleship based on friendly imitation of the One who leads us to each other.Bonhoeffer and Girard urge us to rethink Christian discipleship and the public role of the church in this era 'after religion'. According to the author, they challenge us to take the risk of a theological approach that is post-critical, revelational, relational and violence-renouncing.