Slate, Sea and Sky

This striking combination of poems and photography creates a remarkable new soundscape and vision of Glasgow and of a land far beyond its crowded streets. From the screech of buses to the crash of waves on a windswept Hebridean shore, the poems take us on a journey from the city to an island, between two very different worlds. Norman Bissell's evocative snapshots of people and places are beautifully illuminated by Oscar Marzaroli's stunning photographs. Some shown here for the first time, these brilliantly capture a changing Scotland in shade and light.'When I first read Norman Bissell's poems, one ordinarily harassed day in Glasgow, one of his meditations on city life made me laugh so much that I wrote it on a post-it note and stuck it to my wall. His poems are full of such lines: a calm voice that I want to carry away and keep in my mind's ear. I loved the place the poems took me to. Here is the voice of a poet who is grounded in place, at home in the world.' - Gerrie Fellows, author of four poetry collections.'There is lovely work here, limpid and light, a careful simplicity of line, open to the voices of the city and the calm, restorative spaces of nature.' - Catherine Lockerbie, Director of the Edinburgh International Book Festival. 'On his journey Norman Bissell takes a clear-eyed look at the world around us; celebrating people - and elements, rocks and minerals, birds, hills and waters as living things - with integrity, passion and compassion. His life is laid open for us with honesty, shedding light on what it is to be human in the search for what is.' - Gerry Loose, Scottish Arts Council Creative Scotland Award winning poet.