Silicon Carbide 2004 - Materials, Processing and Devices: Volume 815

Silicon carbide (SiC) is a wide-bandgap semiconductor that can operate at temperatures well above 300 * C, where silicon cannot perform. In addition, due to a high thermal conductivity equal to copper at room temperature, SiC is an ideal candidate for operation in harsh environments and at high-power levels. Rapid advances in SiC materials and devices have recently resulted in implementation of SiC-based electronic systems, and the impact of these devices is expected to significantly increase in the next several years. This book documents the most recent results on growth of bulk and epitaxial layers, physical and structural properties, process technology, and device development obtained since the 10th International Conference on Silicon Carbide and Related Materials 2003 (ICSCRM2003) held in Lyon, France. Extended defects in silicon carbide are highlighted. The nature of defects induced by forward biasing of bipolar devices, as well as methods to suppress the degradation, are addressed.