Serial Murder: An Elusive Phenomenon

This book brings together experts in the fields of criminology, computer science, sociology, police science, victimology, psychology, oral history, and systems analysis, focussing their eclectic knowledge on the study of serial murder. The contributors present the reader with a careful development of state-of-the-art theory and research on serial murder providing a firm analytical bases for future study and research by social scientists into this elusive phenomenon. The book provides a synthesis of current literature and research with in-depth analysis of incidence and prevalence estimates and the etiology of victimization. Students and scholars of all the social sciences will find Serial Murder: An Elusive Phenomenon a valuable reference tool. Using case studies of serial murders, the contributors provide a micro-analysis of the phenomenon from both nomolithic and idiographic methodological perspectives. The book clearly presents the current law enforcement responses to serial murder and discusses the problem of linkage blindness, the inability of police to share information on unsolved murders. Finally, this study looks to the future of serial murder research and investigation. Each chapter is followed by a valuable reference section and the work concludes with a selected bibliography on serial murder.