Self-Regulated Learning: Practical Interventions for Struggling Teens

Grades 6-12. This valuable resource offers a research-based approach for helping youth develop academic self-regulation skills-highlighting the relationship among choice, willpower, and effort. Over 70 interventions are provided to enhance students' self-control and self-discipline. The interventions are appropriate for use with individual students and are readily adaptable for small-group, classroom, and counseling settings. An accompanying CD with all the reproducible questionnaires, checklists, and program forms is included with the book.Interventions address the following three skill areas:Planning Skills-Setting academic goals that are relevant, valuable, interesting, and achievable.Problem Solving Skills-Using strategies to attain goals, overcome problems, make adjustments, and get help when necessary.Self-Evaluation Skills-Comparing results of efforts with intentions and attaching meaning to outcomes.