Schluter in Berlin: A City Guide

Andreas Schluter (16591714) was a well-known Baroque sculptor and the architect behind some of Berlin s most famous buildings, from the legendary Amber Room to the City Palacewhich is in the midst of a major rebuilding effort. In his role as court sculptor and court architect, Schluter worked under the direction of Frederick I of Prussia, who hoped to position the city through ambitious new art and architectural projects alongside Paris and Rome as a chief artistic center of Europe. The perfect companion for those planning a trip to the city or interested in this particularly rich period of its architectural history, Schluter In Berlin: A City Guide takes readers through all of the architect s most famous works with illustrations and convenient city maps. Each sculpture or building is accompanied by a concise description and a longer essay on the broader historical background of the period. Schluter is the artistic force behind what is now known as Baroque Berlin, and Schluter in Berlin is the first book to offer Englishlanguage readers a look at his many contributions to the city.