Scenes Unseen: Unreleased and Uncompleted Films from the World's Master Filmmakers, 1912-1990

In a hundred years of filmmaking dozens of potentially great films of master directors and artists were either never completed or not released. Many of these films are lost forever, but their little-known histories illustrate what fiction writers have known all along: People's failures often make stories more compelling than their successes.The reasons these might-have-beens never came to fruition are almost as varied as the plots themselves: Love spurned (L'Ecole des Femmes, 1941, Max Olphuls), unmanageable stars (I Loved a Soldier, 1936, Henry Hathaway), government suppression (Bezhin Meadow, 1935, Sergei Eisenstein) and fear of reprisal (Metall, 1931-33, Hans Richter) are but a few.A detailed discussion of each attempt is accompanied by cast and production credits (when available) and excerpts from scripts and other sources. Rare stills are interspersed throughout.