Sam for Jarvis/Lebredo's Entre Nosotros, 2nd

Paperback / softback
Each lesson of the Student Activities Manual is correlated to the corresponding lesson in the student text.The Actividades para escribir (Workbook) practice lesson reviews structures through an array of writing activities including question-answer exercises, sentence completion, sentence transformation, and fill-in charts; and review the lesson's cultural content. New to Entre nosotros, 2/e, is a separate section for vocabulary practice (Para repasar el vocabulario) including matching exercises and a crossword puzzle.Coordinated with the SAM Audio CDs, the Actividades para el laboratorio (Lab Manual) features structured grammar exercises, listening-and-speaking practice, contextualized vocabulary review, and a dictation.The new Actividades de video (Video Manual) features comprehension activities to accompany the new Entre nosotros, 2/e, video. Answer keys for workbook exercises, laboratory dictations, and the video activities are provided at the instructor's discretion.