Romulus and Remus: A Modern Parable

Top Secret Tips Unveiled Within! Lou Guzzo, the author, was born and grew up in the section called Little Italy in a large Midwestern town. It was in his early years in the Italian community that he learned about the severe criminal nature of the Mafia. Although the Mafiosi represented a very small percentage of the community, they wielded great control over the political and economic well-being of 98 percent of the Italian-Americans. His parents and their friends despised members of the Mafia, but they had to remain silent or risk death. As a result, Guzzo grew up with a hatred of the mob and vowed he would fight crime and, especially, Mafia criminals. He did so later in life as a newspaper editor, who mounted investigations of Mafia and other criminals and won many awards for his work and the work of his staff. "Romulus and Remus" is a direct reflection of his life. It is primarily a work of fiction, but it embraces many real-life characters drawn from Guzzo's career as a newspaper investigator. His comment on the book: "It's time writers quit glamorizing the evil Mafia and portray the other side --- the honest police and detectives and media probers, as well as the great majority of decent, honest Italian-Americans."