Roads to Geometry

For one semester undergraduate classes in geometry for math and math-ed students who have taken calculus. This new text clarifies, extends, and unifies concepts discussed in basic high school geometry courses. Gives readers a comprehensive introduction to plane geometry in a historical context. *Historical Approach - investigates different axiomatic approaches to the study of Euclidean-plane geometry. *Analytical and transfunctional approach - gives students a thorough discussion of real numbers, algebra, isometrics, similarities, analytical transformations, inversion, and their applications. *Modular chapters - each chapter is independent and can be covered as a separate unit and gives instructors flexibility in choosing their curriculum. *End of Section Exercises - provides an ample collection of exercises of varying difficulty help students to check their comprehension of each section. *End of Chapter Summaries. Includes all definitions and theorems. *New Laboratory Activities - included in an appendix, these activities make use of dynamic geometry software allowing students to experience the hands-on explanation of a variety of topics in both the Euclidean and hyperbolic plane. Either Geometers SketchPad(c) or Cabri(c) can be used.