Quietly, but steadily, Dutch Albert Niemeyer has been paving the road to success as an artist for over 30 years. Intrigued and fascinated by the pictorial freedom of expression in the art of Van Gogh, Dali, Chagall, Picasso and Karel Appel, Albert Niemeyer depicts his subjects with the same stylistic liberty. Niemeyer's vibrant works can be photorealistic, abstract expressionist or even hint at cubism and futurism. Freedom is highly cherished by Niemeyer, not only in style and subject, but also in his personal artistic evolution. With raising demands for his work in the eighties and an increasing number of works commissioned by private clients as well as public institutions, the artist remained truthful to his ideals, refusing any limitation of his creativity. Every work is painted as if it were his first one. This typifies Niemeyer as an artist: idiosyncratic, sincere, inquiring and ever developing. Text in English & Dutch.