Rethinking truth

What is truth? Can it be discovered objectively, as science claims? Or is truth a created, highly contested and changing entity, lasting but a moment? Is there more than one truth? Do we pursue it or does it pursue us? People have sacrificed their lives for it. What is it about truth that can elicit such a reaction? Think about it: 'The truth or truths we accept determine what our lives are and will be'. The contemporary world is full of contradictions. Starvation, Aids, illiteracy and serial killings exist alongside sophisticated digital technology, the human genome project, the money markets of Wall Street and Tokyo, and unsurpassed wealth. These realities and the human beings who create and inhabit these realities are driven by certain notions of truth. Our own reality - whatever that is, and whatever form it takes - is not a given. It is based on certain notions of truth. If we rethink our truth, we alter our reality. This means that we can change the way we live and relate to the world. In this interactive, accessible text, the authors examine the truth propounded by a range of philosophies, as well as their practical applications, and give their own responses to the issues raised.