Respecting Difference: Race, Faith and Culture for Teacher Educators

This book demonstrates how teacher educators in the UK and worldwide can attract, recruit and support black and minority ethnic students to become much needed and valued future teachers and educational leaders. This accessible guide presents insights into the institutional and individual dilemmas and experiences of both tutors and students involved in Post-Graduate Certificate in Education (PGCE) courses as they deal with issues of race, faith and culture. The book collects examples of good practice, and case studies highlight specific ways tutors and students have learned from difficult situations to develop positive outcomes. The authors show how to create spaces and networks where people can express themselves and seek support so that problems are recognised and resolved. It includes: a snapshot of policy and practice on the PGCE; clear and up-to-date descriptions of race-relations policies, procedures and legislative guidance; clarification of the responsibilities of tutors in relation to professional practice in issues of diversity; case studies based on real examples, such as how to support Muslim women students, and how to deal with the sensitive topic of racism in the classroom. Respecting Difference is essential reading for all providers of initial teacher education (ITE) who need to consider their organisation's and individual's practice and policy in regard to recruitment and retention. It is also extremely relevant for all those working with students in higher education more generally.