Reflections on the Development of Modern Macroeconomics

Macroeconomic analysis has undergone profound and controversial changes during the past twenty-five years and, as such, economists have developed and evolved their approaches to the discipline. Reflections on the Development of Modern Macroeconomics presents a collection of eight original essays, from leading scholars, each of which focuses on an important issue relating to these developments. These accessible, reflective surveys include: * to stabilize or not to stabilize: is that the question? Brian Snowdon and Howard Vane * the rhetoric and methodology of modern macroeconomics Roger Backhouse * how relevant is Keynesian economics today? Keith Shaw * what remains of the monetarist counter-revolution? Thomas Mayer * macroeconomics: before and after rational expectations Patrick Minford * the ups and downs of modern business cycle theory Cillian Ryan and Andrew Mullineux * the role of imperfect competition in new Keynesian economics Huw Dixon * politics and the macroeconomy: endogenous politicians and aggregate instability Brian Snowdon and Howard Vane This book will attract a wide readership among intermediate undergraduates, as well as postgraduates and lecturers in the fields of macroeconomics and the history of economic thought.