Recruiting and Retaining Generation Y Teachers

'Essential information on topics such as job postings, interview structuring, and selecting the best candidate for the position is helpful for hiring, training, and supervising Generation Y teachers. From the opening vignettes to the end-of-chapter exercises and focus questions, this book superbly presents sound, current, and relevant information' - Darrin D. Sorrells, Director, Center for Teaching and Learning, Indiana University-Purdue University Columbus University graduates seeking positions in schools today often belong to the generation known as Generation Y, or the Millennials, raised in a society saturated with technology and multicultural influences. Their perspectives, expectations, and needs differ dramatically from previous generations and integrating these candidates into an existing school culture requires new approaches to recruiting and building professional relationships. Ronald W. Rebore and Angela L. E. Walmsley provide school leaders with a research-based framework for connecting with this new generation of professionals and building a multigenerational, collaborative workforce. The book includes guidelines for hiring and retaining Generation Y educators, integrating them into a learning community, and developing appropriate instructional and professional development programmes. A wide range of case studies and extensive exercises help school leaders: - Identify Generation Y educators' learning, communication, and work styles - Recruit, interview, and hire candidates in support of stated school goals - Evaluate school culture and promote cross-generational teamwork - Communicate effectively with all staff members By harnessing the optimism and innovation of new teachers and valuing every generation's contributions, educational leaders can cultivate a work environment where all can thrive.