Recent Developments in Carbonate Sedimentology in Central Europe

In the field of sedimentary research, ever increasing emphasis has been put on the investigations of carbonates and carbonate rocks during the past 30 years. It is thus quite natural that in Central Europe - where c1assical carbonate in- vestigations have already been carried out 100 years ago - numerous scholars turned to the study of this sediment type. On the occasion of a visiting professorship of G. M. FRIEDMAN at the Labora- torium fur Sedimentforschung, Heidelberg University, a seminar on Recent Developments of Carbonate Sedimentology in Central Europe was held in July 1967. 90 persons involved in carbonate investigations participated, and 35 lectures were held. The present volume contains 30 papers summarizing the different subjects of the seminar. Of course these contributions only represent a small part of the work actually performed in the field of carbonate research in Central Europe. We believe, however, that they give a general survey of the work and the working methods employed in the different sectors of carbonate investigations. One of the purposes of the present symposium is to acquaint the English speaking countries with our recent results which usually - due to the language barrier - are not accessible to them.